News: Digital Female Leader Awards 2021.

STAT-UP CEO Katharina Schüller shortlisted for the Digital Female Leader Awards 2021.

Munich, September 2, 2021 – The Digital Female Leader Award #DFLA aims to make visible and tell the story of career paths of women in the digital economy. In the various award categories such as Career, Digital Leadership, Digital Transformation, Diversity, Entrepreneurship, FinTech / Money, Global Hero, Health, Innovation, IT-Tech, Legal, Lifestyle, Mobility, New Work, Purpose Communications, Social Hero, Sustainability and the Audience Award, women are nominated who are seen as role models and inspiration by the entrants.
Now the 3 finalists per category have been determined. We are very happy that this year Katharina Schüller from STAT-UP is one of the 3 finalists in the IT-TECH category and keep our fingers crossed for her.
The winners will receive their awards personally from the jury in November. The jury will visit the individual winners at their respective places of work.
For more information, visit: DFLA Finalists 2021 | Journey to Diversity – DFLA21


STAT-UP, with offices in Munich and Madrid, is a quantitative strategic consulting firm with strong expertise in Data Science, AI, Machine Learning and Statistics. We improve data literacy and knowledge across industries and job functions to better manage data projects and data strategies.
Our goal is to improve understanding of the quality, compliance, application, and value of all available data. We help our clients shape the future with valuable and intelligent insights and forecasts. We combine internal and external data sources, as well as factors such as politics and economic changes, to give organizations and companies a very clear view of their business.
Founded by Katharina Schüller in 2003, STAT-UP has successfully managed hundreds of projects for nearly half of the DAX-30 companies, many industry leaders, and policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels.

About Katharina Schüller

Katharina Schüller is one of Germany’s top experts in statistics and data science. A successful pioneer in these fields since 2003, she has years of experience in advanced analytics, big data and artificial intelligence, which she has been able to continually expand and deepen through numerous projects with top clients from politics and business.
Katharina Schüller is a board member of the German Statistical Society and holds several advisory board positions in business and political bodies. The scholarship holder of the Bavarian Elite Academy, who has already collaborated with Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis (Chemistry 1993, discovery PCR) as well as many other renowned researchers and authors, is known in the scientific community as an editor and author of reference books on statistics and data science as well as a lecturer at various universities.
Katharina Schüller is known to the wider German audience as a FOCUS Online expert, through reports and guest articles in Handelsblatt, Welt, ZEIT and many other well-known daily newspapers and magazines, as well as TV and radio interviews, podcasts and blog posts. At LinkedIn, she was recognized as one of the Top Voices 2020.

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