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Discover your data treasures with us.

Founded in September 2003 in Munich, STAT-UP is a specialist provider for statistical consulting and data science. The privately held company operates from downtown Munich. Since 2010, we have an independent branch in Madrid.

Our team offers unparalleled analytics and business knowledge and efficiency through the combination of a wide range of in-house backgrounds and talents. All our consultants offer master’s degrees or German diplomas, with many holding PhDs in their respective fields. Those fields are, in addition to statistics, quantitative finance, and econometrics, also subjects such as biology, medicine, or astrophysics, all with an emphasis on statistics.

STAT-UP cooperates with scientific institutions within Munich and all over Germany. As an expert on digitization and data analytics, Katharina Schüller is also a member of advisory boards of several German DAX 30 companies. Our publications in journals and books provide an impression of our research and education qualifications.

STAT-UP has many years of extensive expertise across a broad range of sectors and offers a wide variety of services. More than 14 of the DAX 30 companies are among our customers, as well as many midsize companies, and public institutions. Areas of specialization are Industrial Statistics (study design and analysis, statistical process control), data management and software development, and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning.

We guide you along through the entire process of Advanced Analytics & Big Data, or provide targeted consulting on how to harvest value from data. This includes the assessment of use cases for your data in terms of its usefulness and relevance to identify possible project and business risks (risk mitigation, risk management), the interpretation of results, and the formulation of business decisions based on probabilistic analyses.

We have extensive experience with large multi-year projects and very large data sets, especially with difficult data topographies (data gaps, data quality problems, non-normal data, reverse engineering raw data from aggregated results and many others). We place great emphasis on scalable, human-interpretable solutions, ready for implementation, that maximize value to our clients.