Statistics in Soccer

Now that the 2018 World Cup in Russia has come to an end and the French have been allowed to take home the world championship title, the preparation for the Bundesliga begins again for the clubs in Germany.

The representatives of the national teams will be brought back to the club and may take a short holiday before the opening match of FC Bayern Munich against TSG Hoffenheim into the 56th Bundesliga season on 24.08.2018.

For this current occasion, we have prepared and interactively visualized some visualizations of the past 55 Bundesliga seasons, so that you can decide what you want to analyse.

Let’s go!

Network visualizations are designed to illustrate the relationship between different objects.

If you are interested in high victories and would like to know whether your club has celebrated one of the highest victories and which team took the short straw, our network visualization can help you to determine this at a glance.

Bar charts are easy for anyone to understand and can be used in different ways.

If you are interested in how a season went for your club, you can see this in our historical overviews.

There you can relive the course of the past seasons with the help of dynamic diagrams.

Scatter charts can be used both very simply and very complexly and are quickly understandable for every user.

For those who are interested in whether your club has really exhausted the full potential that was possible for them, you can take a look at this with the help of our simulations.

Forecasts for the rest of the season were made using statistical forecasting tools and parametric simulations.

With different point diagrams this was visualized for you, so that you can determine on the one hand the point prognosis of your club, on the other hand also, how much this prognosis spreads.

This allows you to quickly determine what your club could have achieved in a realistic and optimal case and how close it got to its optimum.

A forecast has already been made for the upcoming season, but it can only be said how good it will be next year 😉

As already described for the historical data, bar charts can be used in different ways. Bar charts are used here for the visualization of probabilities.

In order to better classify the results of the simulations, you also have the possibility to get an idea of the predicted probabilities for the championship by each club.

Last but not least, we would like to give you the opportunity to have a closer look at your club by means of an interactive table.

Interactive tables can help to search and sort a record according to various criteria to provide an overview of the dataset.

In this interactive table you can determine against which clubs your club has already won.

You can even refine this search by viewing only games that have ended with a certain goal difference.

In addition, we even offer you the possibility of only looking at a certain period of time if, for example, you are only interested in the results of the last 5-10 years.

We wish you a lot of fun exploring the app and wish you and your club much success in the new season!

Let’s go!